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International Fascista: Brasil’s US-Funded “Libertarians” & the Far-Right

On August 18, Vice Brasil journalist and occasional Brasil Wire contributor Marie Declerq, broke the news that the Instituto Mises Brasil think tank, which receives funding from US libertarians, has published articles by Christopher Cantwell, the American Nazi who helped organize the Charlottesville Virginia protests. Cantwell made the news recently when he was filmed in a Vice documentary threatening to kill Jews and blacks, and later appeared in a YouTube video sobbing in fear of being arrested.

News that Mises Institute, founded in 2007 and part of the Libertarian Atlas Network, has published material by Augusto Pinochet fanboy Cantwell shouldn’t actually be that surprising. Atlas, which has been built over decades to distort Latin American politics, is funded by the Koch Brothers (a family with their own distinguished Nazi history).

Following Charlottesville, Cantwell sparked outrage among South Americans by appearing in his own T-Shirt design depicting the murder of leftists in helicopter “death flights” – a common practice in Chile, Argentina and elsewhere during Operation Condor in the 1970s – a US supported cross-border campaign which assassinated thousands of labor union members, opposition activists and intellectuals.  (more...)


Zooming in on that alt-right humour

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant Received Foreign Funding from ‘Anti-Muslim’ Think Tank

That includes the pro-life-ist lobby
Rebel Media owner Ezra Levant has received an undisclosed amount of funding from an American think tank that promotes far-right, anti-Muslim views.

Levant's alt-right website continued spiraling out of control Thursday, following the departures of Rebel Media's Gavin McInnes and Rebel Media director Hamish Marshall, who recently served as Conservative leader Andrew Scheer's campaign manager.

Scheer said Thursday he will not do interviews on Rebel Media until its "editorial direction" has improved.

Rebel Media UK correspondent Caolan Robertson also quit in dramatic fashion, leaking audio of a private meeting where he alleges Levant offered him $20,000 in "hush money" to buy his silence on Rebel Media's finances.

Instead, the former Rebel published a YouTube video describing Rebel Media's internal office politics, Levant's temper tantrums and raised questions about what Rebel Media does with money received through donations: "Where does your money go? Here's the thing: no one really knows."
"The Rebel is about nothing more than making money. The Rebel makes enough from its shows to cover its costs and apparently it even makes more from backers on top of that. So what on earth does it need with your money?"  (more...)

More on the mysterious foundations bankrolling counter-jihad:


Thursday, August 17, 2017

'I know how powerful hate is' — A one-time Canadian neo-Nazi speaks out on Charlottesville

It has been 10 years since Elizabeth Moore has spoken publicly about her years as the pretty, public face of Canada’s neo-Nazi Heritage Front.

Then came Charlottesville.

“I know what these people are feeling. I know how powerful hate is,” Moore says from her Toronto home. Now “older than 40”, married to a Jewish lawyer and mother of a young daughter, Moore said she was terrified watching the violence last weekend in Charlottesville, Va., where tiki-torch-bearing white nationalists marched and chanted Nazi-era slogans.

“This was my life back in the ’90s, and with all that’s going on it seems everything old is new again,” she said. “Of course, in the ’90s we didn’t have a president of the United States who seemed sympathetic.”

Moore was a student in a racially diverse high school in Scarborough, Ont., in the early 1990s when she fell under the spell of the Heritage Front. The group was founded in 1989 by a group of Nazi-sympathizers who espoused racist, white supremacist views.  (more...)


Exchanging one ideology for another does not gain you freedom. Coping is not thriving. Close but no cigar.

Echoing Charlottesville – Ottawa’s own neo-Nazi riot

It was a cool evening in Ottawa on May 29. The weather, however did nothing to cool the fury of a white supremacist hate rock concert held that evening in the downtown area.

RAHOWA, or “Racial Holy War” banged out a set of racist, anti-semitic hard rock sounds that whipped the crowd of a couple hundred, mostly young skinheads and Nazi wannabees, into a frenzy.

They heard racist lyrics like: “These boots are made for stompin; and that’s just what they’ll do; and one of these days these boots are going to stomp all over Jews.” They sang using the “N” word: ” N—r, N—r, N—r, OUT OUT OUT.” The young thugs were primed for action.

Following the concert, lead singer George Burdi, the youth leader of the white supremacists, and its adult mentor, longtime neo-Nazi Wolfgang Droege, led their followers out on to the Ottawa streets, towards Parliament Hill. It was no surprise that many counter demonstrators, mostly young people from Anti-Racist Action (ARA) and “Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP)” confronted them.

The white supremacists chanted “Sieg Heil” and gave Nazi salutes. This was the tinder needed: It turned into a full-fledged riot in the shadow of the Peace Tower. Burdi and Droege charged at the counter demonstrators. People were injured. Burdi was convicted of assault causing bodily harm. It was the largest most violent neo-Nazi riot in modern Canadian history.

This sounds very reminiscent of a similar riot last weekend in Charlottesville Va, where a couple hundred white supremacists confronted counter demonstrators. Here, too, there was violence. Sadly one young woman, Heather Heyer, there to express her opposition to the Nazis, was killed when a car slammed into the anti-Nazi marchers.

The difference is that the Ottawa riot occurred on May 29, 1993.  (more...)

More on this topic:

My professional career took me to Ottawa for over a decade spanning this period. On multiple occasions, I had to step in for co-workers who were targeted by company thugs... at a cost to my own job security. This is not just a blue-collar phenomenon. So-called "educated" people do more damage, empowered by their credentials and upscale veneer.

Fugitive's trail exposes Red Bull co-owners' offshore deals

The (mostly) silent partner
The Bangkok billionaire family that co-founded Red Bull, the world’s leading energy drink, uses offshore companies to cloak purchases of jets and luxury properties, including the posh London home where the clan’s fugitive son was last seen.

The Yoovidhya family’s efforts to hide assets show how easily major global financial players can routinely — and, usually, legally — move billions of dollars with little or no oversight.

The family’s confidential deals were inadvertently exposed by the jet-setting son Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, who has attracted cries of impunity in Thailand after repeatedly failing to show up in court for allegedly racing away in his Ferrari after a deadly accident with a motorcycle cop almost five years ago. More than 120 Instagram and Facebook postings by friends and family led The Associated Press earlier this year to the Yoovidhyas’ London vacation home, where Vorayuth refused to comment.

Thai authorities revoked his passport and issued an arrest warrant, but say they don’t know where he is.

Now the investigation into Vorayuth’s whereabouts has led to the Panama Papers, a collection of 11 million secret financial documents that illustrate how the world’s wealthiest families hide their money, including some of the Yoovidhya family’s financial arrangements.

The Panama Papers leak first was obtained by the German newspaper Sudeutsche Zeitung and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which began publishing collaborative reports with news organizations in 2016, putting wealthy and powerful people in more than 70 countries under scrutiny.

Since then, political leaders have been ousted, an estimated $135 billion was wiped off the value of nearly 400 companies, and governments are cracking down on offshore tax havens. Founders of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, which owned the leaked documents, were charged earlier this year with money-laundering.

The Yoovidhya family’s network of offshore companies — set up by Mossack Fonseca — was so complex that, until now, the family name and Red Bull brand had not been exposed. But the Panama Papers shared with the AP show the family has used at least a half-dozen anonymous companies in tax havens for more than two decades.

The Yoovidhyas, who share ownership of Red Bull with Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz, did not respond to requests for comment. Red Bull said in a statement that Vorayuth’s legal situation “is not a matter for Red Bull” and that the company’s financial matters are private.

Vorayuth was last seen in public in April, outside his family’s London home.  (more...)

More coverage:

The (mostly) silent partner:

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Does Canada take the threat of far-right extremism seriously?

Despite the recent racist violence in the U.S., and an increase in right-wing extremist activity here in Canada, experts disagree about whether Ottawa should make such groups a national security priority.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, Canada's intelligence community has devoted much of its attention to preventing Islamist terrorism.

While right-wing extremism, including the activities of neo-Nazi and other racist groups, is monitored by CSIS and the RCMP, it doesn't receive the same amount of resources as threats from ISIS or al-Qaeda.

Yet the outburst of deadly racist violence in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend is not without parallels in Canada. Recent estimates suggest there are dozens of active white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups across the country.

They advocate everything from biological racism to anti-Semitism to radical libertarianism. Members of groups such as the Heritage Front, Freemen of the Land and Blood and Honour have been charged with dozens of crimes, including murder, attempted murder and assault.

Roughly 30 homicides in Canada since 1980 have been linked to individuals espousing some form of extreme right-wing ideology.

But the pattern of right-wing extremist violence in Canada is too inconsistent to merit being prioritized over the threat posed by Islamic extremists, according to two former members of the security establishment.

"I do think right-wing extremism is a national security problem, but we're not devoting the resources to it because we don't need to," said Phil Gurski, a former CSIS analyst who now runs a security consulting business.

"I have seen nothing to suggest that they pose an equally dangerous threat as that posed by Islamist extremism, which in and of itself is still a fairly minor threat in Canada."  (more...)

That can be a real head-scratcher:

She wouldn't hurt a fly

IBM's dark, secret link to Nazis

TODAY, IBM (International Business Machines) is a massive New York based multinational technology corporation with operations around the world.

It has annual revenue of $US81 billion and 380,000 employees. Finance magazines Barron's and Fortune dub IBM the world's most respected and admired company.

However, the huge corporation has a dark, secret past it doesn't tell you about in its glossy brochures listing Nobel prize winners and technological breakthroughs.

What they don't tell you is that in the 1930s IBM was instrumental in providing groundbreaking technology that assisted the Nazi regime in identifying and tracking down Jews for its methodical program of genocide.

One of the machines is displayed in a place of prominence at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. The IBM badge can be clearly seen.

It was a technical marvel of its time, the forerunner of today's computers.

The complex-looking machine was a punch card and card-sorting system initially built to assist the collation of vast amounts of information gathered in a census.

In the 1930s, IBM was one of the largest firms in the world, a true multinational conglomerate, with its headquarters in New York.

Oddly, IBM has Germanic origins. Herman Hollerith was the son of German immigrants. Working in the US Census Bureau, he was still in his twenties when he devised a machine using punch cards to tabulate the 1890 census.  (more...)



This account touches me in numerous ways. IBM was a principal benefactor of the university faculties that I studied at; much of the computing equipment that I used was manufactured by IBM. IBM was my first employer post-university. Interestingly, my college don was a graduate of Columbia University, where IBM founder Thomas Watson was a board member. Finally, the terminus of the mergers and acquisitions that swallowed up my most recent employers was IBM. They sow, and then they reap.

Rebel Media Best Tweets

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ex-teacher guilty of voyeurism, child porn hears from victims

A former special education teacher sat inside a courtroom listening to women describe the depression they experienced after he secretly recorded them while they changed in a London elementary school.

Jamie Gardiner, 39, pleaded guilty in May to 16 counts of voyeurism for taping co-workers undressing in the school's changeroom.

In June, he was found guilty on two counts of child pornography, charges that were laid in connection with one victim, a 16-year-old co-op student.

Monday, the women Gardiner recorded had their day in court ahead of his sentencing to describe the impact his actions had on their lives.

"I feel completely sexually violated," said one woman, who described having to change careers after the videos surfaced.  (more...)


Montreal police search for potential victims of teacher charged with luring children

Montreal police are searching for potential victims of Francis Faille, a teacher who was charged with luring and providing sexually explicit material to children.

Faille taught geography at École Édouard-Montpetit during the last academic year. He was arrested on Wednesday and was released Friday on the condition that he does not access the Internet or be in the presence of anyone under 16 years old.

Police say Faille would contact his former students on Facebook using the account francis.faille.94. During their online conversation, Faille would offer to have sex with the students and send nude photos and videos of himself.  (more...)

Meet the ex-GOP insider who created white nationalist Richard Spencer

Long before Donald Trump’s election ushered in an era of resurgent white nationalism, a disaffected Republican named William H. Regnery II was brooding about the demographic plight of white people and plotting their rescue.

Like Trump more than 20 years later, Regnery, the wealthy scion of a famous GOP family, had an increasingly dark view of a changing America: As he wrote, the U.S. had become a crime-ridden society with bad schools, high taxes, an intrusive government and a penchant for political correctness that was “morphing into an intellectual tyranny.”

Worse, “a flood of immigrants were changing the look of America from a palette of prime colors to a third-world monochrome,” he wrote in a rant that would be at home on the bookshelf of Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon. “Instead of a lingua franca, the country clanged with many foreign tongues.”

By 1999, he had come to believe that the only future for white people in North America was a reconfigured continent with a white-only homeland carved out of the former United States.

He began consorting with Ku Klux Klan apologists, Holocaust deniers, eugenics boosters and immigration foes. He set up two white nationalist nonprofits and steered money into them. He published fringe-right journals and books.  (more...)


So, what is it about rich Hungarians?

Et tu Soros?

Charlottesville Nazi rally exposes danger of dog-whistle politics

It’s a long way from Virginia to Alberta. But the shock waves from the neo-Nazi rallies that overwhelmed Charlottesville this weekend echo here. It was telling how quickly the leadership candidates for the United Conservative Party responded to the murder and mayhem by the American “alt-right” hate-mongers.

Doug Schweitzer, the Calgary lawyer who’s trying to position himself as the moderate candidate in the leadership fight, was first to take to Twitter to denounce the Charlottesville riot — and to call out Rebel Media for its initial fawning coverage of the white supremacist marchers.

“Charlottesville is a reminder of the need to fight extremism and alt-right politics,” Schweitzer stated. “We can’t let this come to Alberta and Canada.”

The Rebel TV is defending Nazis,” Schweitzer continued. “This is just wrong … Enough is enough. We have to be better than this in Canada. Stand up to them for a change. We all need to lead by example.”

He was followed a few minutes later by fellow UCP leadership candidate and former Wildrose leader Brian Jean, who offered a one-tweet statement.

“White supremacists have no place in our society. I echo my colleague Doug Schweitzer in condemning what is happening in Charlottesville.”

It took a good three hours longer for Jason Kenney to post his own fiery statement.

“So sad to see vile, racist spectacle in Virginia,” Kenney stated. “Hatred has now turned to violence. Those responsible attack all that is best about America.”  (more...)


Monday, August 14, 2017

U.S. soft on inappropriate sexual student/teacher relationships

Think you know what a sexual predator looks like? You might want to think again. With alarming frequency, the new face of predation is the person standing at the front of your child’s classroom.

Hard numbers are not easy to come by but there seems to be a troubling trend. The Center for Sex Offender Management is a project operated by the U.S. Department of Justice. In 2014 (the latest year for which data is available) there were nearly 800 prosecutions initiated nationwide for school employees engaging in sexual activity with students. One can safely assume a comparable, proportional number applies in Canada.

According to the same source, females are the perpetrators in 30 per cent of all cases. There exists some controversy over whether male or female teachers are treated differently by the justice system and if a double-standard is in play.

We shouldn’t allow that debate to obscure the fact that inappropriate sexual relationships between a student and a teacher – whatever their gender – demands a co-ordinated and systemic response, involving not only the criminal justice system but also school boards and teacher’s unions.

Certainly, it’s time school boards were held more accountable.  (more...)


Duh: Sexual images land professionals in trouble

Maybe there should be a warning posted on cellphones, computers and electronic devices: “Transmitting or showing sexual images can cost you your livelihood or your liberty.”

Three professionals have recently learned this lesson the hard way.

French teacher Jaclyn McLaren graduated from being Facebook friends and exchanging naked breast photos with her underage students to becoming intimate with them and other minors she met on Tinder. She is now in prison, her teaching career likely finished.

The Belleville teacher, 36, was sentenced in May to two years in prison after pleading guilty to seven sex crimes. She was banned from attending or volunteering in any public place frequented by children under 16 for 10 years.

In 2013, a few of McLaren’s Grade 8 students borrowed her cellphone and discovered photos of her bare breasts. Despite warnings from her superiors to cut off Internet communications with her underage students, she persisted.

The incident led to McLaren sending explicit photos on Snapchat and sexting her students. In the fall of 2014, she started having sex with her former students — then in Grade 9.

“It’s a virtual certainty that she’ll lose her teaching licence based on these convictions,” said Sam Goldstein, veteran criminal defence lawyer and former Crown who has represented several professionals at regulatory hearings.

“She can re-apply in the future, but it will be an uphill battle to regain her licence,” said Goldstein.  (more...)

Famous -- in the wrong way.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Basilians and Columbus Boys’ Camp: Former student alleges repeated abuse by Calgary priest, high school teacher

When Brian was a teenager, he attended the funeral of a man he says sexually abused him for months.

He sat in St. Mary’s Cathedral in January of 1983, for the special funeral mass presided over by the bishop: a solemn occasion befitting the untimely death of a much-loved priest.

“It was huge. Everyone in full regalia, and I was just one little person in this whole church,” recalls Brian.

“They saw him as a saint.”

On Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed in Calgary court against a religious order of the Catholic church, alleging decades-old sexual abuse at the hands of a Calgary priest and teacher at Bishop Grandin High School that left a former Calgary resident permanently scarred.

None of the allegations have been proven in court. Postmedia has agreed not to publish the plaintiff’s full name.

The suit is one of the first of its kind to be filed in Alberta since the province eliminated the two-year time limitation for victims of sexual abuse to sue in civil court, bringing the province in line with most Canadian jurisdictions, including Ontario and B.C.

The 53-year-old plaintiff is a former head altar boy, Catholic youth group member and Bishop Grandin student who alleges he was repeatedly abused by Father Frederick Cahill for several months in 1981.

Cahill was a priest and English teacher at Bishop Grandin from 1969 until his death in 1983. He also directed the Search program for youth in the Calgary diocese and was chaplain to the Columbus Boys’ Camp at Waterton Lakes National Park.  (more...)


Friday, August 11, 2017

Alabama judge rules teachers can have sex with their students

Alabama schoolteacher Carrie Witt is accused of sleeping with a 17-year-old
and an 18-year-old.
An Alabama judge ruled Friday that a state law banning teachers from having sex with students was unconstitutional, dismissing charges against two school employees accused of doing just that.

Judge Glenn Thompson dismissed charges against 44-year-old former high school teacher Carrie Witt and 27-year-old former aide David Solomon, who worked at different schools. Witt was accused of sleeping with an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old, and Solomon faced charges of having sex with a 17-year-old, according to local news reports.

A teacher having sex with a student is a Class B felony under current state law, carrying a sentence of up to 20 years and fines of up to $30,000.

But Thompson agreed with the pair’s lawyers who argued that the law violated the 14th amendment — which was added after the U.S. civil war to ensure former slaves were treated equally under the law — as it treats educators differently than other citizens, reported. The age of consent in Alabama is 16.  (more...)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Nazi memorabilia at Pickering flea market concerns Jewish group

A Nazi flag for sale at Pickering Markets
A Pickering flea market vendor is selling memorabilia venerating the murderous Nazi regime.

Avi Benlolo, president and CEO of Canadian Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies, said police, the flea market owners and the local mayor’s office have all been contacted about the display, which features Nazi flags, Adolf Hitler stamps and Hitler youth pins.

“We were there observing the reaction of customers, some of whom actually said that Adolf Hitler is a hero and admired by family members — and that was the most disconcerting thing,” Benlolo said Thursday. “It’s unfortunate that there’s a marketplace for people who are still idolizing the Nazis and Adolf Hitler, who committed such atrocities.”

FSWC, which estimates the value of the large collection at $5,000, said the only place for this type of Nazi memorabilia is the field of Holocaust education, and having it sit on a shelf for sale in a Pickering flea market gives it the potential to fuel distortion and revisionism of the Holocaust.  (more...)

More coverage:

Pickering -- you know -- where the nuclear plants are:


Tortured Minds: Ingrid Rimland, the Mennonites, and the Demon Doctor

Ingrid Rimland was a twelve-year old refugee in the flight of Mennonites out of the Ukraine in World War II. She was on the ship Volendam that carried Mennonites to Paraguay. After a difficult childhood and early adulthood in the Volendam colony of eastern Paraguay, she migrated to North America and became a successful writer. Her first book and best literary effort, The Wanderers (1977), was a three-generation story of Mennonite women caught in the social upheavals of revolution and war. In the 1990s she was converted to the revisionist Holocaust-denial movement and became a significant spokesperson and web site manager for that cause. Her fourth major book, the trilogy Lebensraum (1998), is another Mennonite history saga, permeated with anti-Semitism and romantic German nationalism.

Rimland’s revisionist crusade recently was energized when her second husband, Ernst Zundel, was extradited from Canada to Germany. Zundel, who had been denied citizenship in Canada and the United States, is in prison and awaiting trial for the crime of denying the Holocaust. Bruce Leichty, a Mennonite immigration attorney in Fresno, California, helped in Zundel’s legal defense. Leichty has urged Mennonite publications, so far unsuccessfully, to pay more attention to the Zundel story.

Although Rimland occasionally refers to Mennonites as my people, she was not a baptized member of the church. She has been persistently hostile to Mennonitism and dismissive of religion in general. Yet her creative writing, nearly all of which is semi-autobiographical, is an important window into the experience of some alienated people on the fringes of Mennonite communities.

Demon Doctor is the third and the least well known of Rimland’s four major books. It is the story of Rimland’s quest in the mid-1980s to demonstrate that Dr. Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi Butcher of Auschwitz, had fled to Paraguay, taken on the identity of one Dr. Hans-Joachim Fertsch, and practiced medicine in the Mennonite colony of Volendam.  (more...)


The market for media that exploit weak minds never seems to fail. A sharp Darwinian can make a killing feeding dreck to the feeble-minded, while clothing it in a mantle of "free speech".

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mississauga high school religion teacher charged with sexual assault

A religion teacher at a Catholic high school in Mississauga has been charged with multiple offences including sexual assault after he allegedly carried on sexual relationships with two underage students over the past two years.

Investigators say they were alerted this month that a 44-year-old teacher at St. Francis Xavier Secondary School in Mississauga had “engaged two teenage students in an inappropriate relationship.”

The relationships allegedly occurred sometime between Jan. 2016 and May, 2017.

A suspect identified as Gavin McAnally, of Brampton, was arrested Wednesday and charged with sexual assault, sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and sexual exploitation.  (more...)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Is History “Bunk”? “Big Business and Hitler”

How German/Austrian oligarchs portray themselves
“History is bunk” is what Henry Ford proclaimed one day. What he meant by that is that he did not bother to read history books, and that he found studying and writing history a waste of time. And he undoubtedly also felt that history was dangerous because it may enable the public to find out how huge fortunes, like his own, are amassed: all too often by trickery, fraud, crime and war. It is for the same reason that Ford arranged for masses of his firm’s documents to be shredded, so that they disappeared into the infamous “memory hole” mentioned by Orwell in 1984.

Ford would certainly not have liked the type of history featured in this book. And one may assume that the great majority of owners, shareholders and managers of American, German and other corporations and banks whose role was critically examined here would not be fond of this type of history. That is why they do not encourage people to study history or even to spend much time reading history books — and why they would certainly not want people to read critical books like this one, studies in which the links between big business and fascism are brought to light. At the same time, they do their best to recommend other books to the reading public, books in which the rise of Hitler and the function of fascism are explained in an entirely different fashion, in which the collaboration of German and American corporations and banks with the Nazis is not mentioned at all or, if this happens to be impossible, is interpreted benevolently and ultimately whitewashed. How do they manage to do this?  (more...)

 Big Business and Hitler


Monday, August 7, 2017

Opinion: Ernst Zundel deserved agony, not a quiet exit

As historical footnotes go, one of my proudest contributions was the exposing of Ernst Zundel as a neo-Nazi.

From that point onward, the secret world of this notorious Toronto-based anti-Semite began to unravel, leading to years in court fighting extradition as a security risk, and finally his deportation to a German jail where he served time for inciting racial hatred and for being a Holocaust denier, a criminal offence in Germany.

It has been learned, through a posting by his estranged wife, that Zundel — odious to the core — died of a heart attack Saturday at age 78 at his home in Germany’s Black Forest where he lived after his release from prison in 2010 following five years of incarceration.

In the end, he had been deported from both the United States and Canada, and was wanted by no one.

Germany had no choice. Zundel was one of theirs.

It began for me in 1978 when a TV mini-series on the Holocaust saw the sudden appearance of Ernst Zundel being quoted in all the media as a legitimate and seemingly benign spokesman for a group called Concerned Parents of German Descent, who argued that the Second World War was long over, and that Germans were being tarnished yet again by the sins of their forefathers.

Who in hell was this Ernst Zundel?  (more...)

In the same vein:
Had Zundel's odious ideology died out, Bonokowski's and Warmington's admonishments would be unnecessary.  It is most unfortunate that a dark subculture of hate persists in Toronto to this day.

Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel dies in Germany

Far-right German activist and Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel has died at the age of 78, according to media reports.

CBC says Zundel died Sunday at home in Germany's Black Forest region after he was found unconscious by his sister Sigrid.

The cause of death was a heart attack, according to his wife, Ingrid.

Born in Germany in 1939, Zundel immigrated to Canada in 1958 and for decades promoted Nazi propaganda through pamphlets and a website devoted to denying the Holocaust.

While he was living in Toronto and Montreal, Canadian officials twice rejected Zundel's attempts to obtain Canadian citizenship, and he moved to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. He was deported to Canada from the U.S. in 2003 for alleged immigration violations.

The literature he published was twice ruled as hateful and in 2005, Zundel was declared a national security threat by a Federal Court judge, clearing the way for his deportation to Germany that year.  (more...)

More coverage:

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Manuals for Mayhem: The Serpent's Diary

The title of the program is a contraction of The Turner Diaries and Serpent’s Walk - two Nazi tracts published by the National Alliance - the most important of the domestic Nazi groups. In the context of what follows, it is important to understand that National Alliance’s books are intended as teaching tools and manifestos.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Lawsuit by victim of Basilian priest should have a trial date soon

A $5 million lawsuit by one of the molestation victims of a Catholic priest in Sudbury will be back in court this fall to set a trial date.

The victim, now 61, was just 12 years old when he attended St. Charles College in the late 1960s, where Fr. William Hodgson Marshall was a teacher and sports coach. The sexual assaults lasted for more than a year, and, in the statement of claim, the victim says he was expelled from the school for reporting the abuse to school officials.

Marshall was convicted in 2011 of indecent assault of 15 boys and one girl, and of sexually assaulting another boy. Six of his victims are from Sudbury, while most of the others are from Toronto or Windsor. He died in 2014.

Named in the lawsuit are Marshall, the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, the Basilian Fathers, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie and Bishop Ronald Fabbro, a former head of the Basilians.

None of the allegations have been proved in court. But the suit says the school board, the diocese and the Basilians failed in their duty to protect the victim and ensure he was in a safe environment.

It alleges the Basilians failed to investigate Marshall when complaints first emerged about him, didn't remove him from his post and covered up his actions.

The suit alleges the Basilians ignored warnings and complaints from parents and staff at St. Charles, where Marshall was known as “Happy Hands Marshall” for his questionable behaviour.

“The Basilians took no steps to stop the behaviour or protect the plaintiff,” the suit alleges.  (more...)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Controversial newsletter continues to be distributed in GTA

Despite an order by the federal government last year to Canada Post to stop delivering the controversial newsletter called Your Ward News, as well as charges laid against the paper’s publishers in June, copies of the hateful tabloid are still finding their way to suburban homes.

Debbie Speyer, a resident of Thornhill, a Toronto suburb with a large Jewish population, said she was “shocked” to find a copy of the Sumer 2017 issue of Your Ward News stuffed in her mailbox on her porch, calling it a “disgusting, racist tract.”

“I found it in my mailbox and immediately recognized the name of the paper,” Speyer said.

“Frankly, I turned the pages just enough to see some really disgusting language and couldn’t actually bear to read the thing.”

In 2016, following a formal complaint filed by lawyer Richard Warman with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Judy Foote, the Minister of Public Services who is currently on a leave of absence, issued an interim prohibitory order for Canada Post to stop delivering the quarterly publication, which frequently contains racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, Holocaust denying, Nazi-glorifying content in its pages.

Your Ward News publishers appealed the order in April and a three-person Board of Review was convened to determine if the minister had reasonable grounds to believe the publishers were committing an offence. The review is still ongoing.  (more...)


You can line your birdcage

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Foreign employer extortion to create jobs for Americans: Costs vs. benefits

Chiang-Kai Shek's army was trained and equipped by Nazi Germany
The first glowing positive public headline read “Apple will make products (iPhones and iPads) in the U.S.” Yea! Good news, right? Maybe not so. Reading the details revealed that one of Apple’s major manufacturers in China, the Tawainese company Foxconn, was searching for an American location. Not Apple itself — its contracted manufacturer. Apple not only makes its gizmos offshore; it hoardes millions in profits offshore to avoid a US tax bill.

Foxconn, the astute reader remembers, was rendered infamous years ago when it coerced a spate of employee suicides. Investigations uncovered the fact that young workers were crammed into tiny employer-provided apartments too many for the space allotted. (Think factory towns under total employer control.) Then, at the worksite, the workers were forbidden to speak with one another on the Apple products assembly line. The prohibition extended to any talking, not gossip or non-work-related communications — any interpersonal contact!!!!

Worker have a fundamental human need to belong to groups, to be included. When that need is thwarted in cases of social exclusion or ostracism, individuals suffer social harm. Neuroscience research reveals that the social pain endured is real pain — the kind taking painkillers will reduce. Hence, the suicide by jumping off the roof of Foxconn buildings in China.

Foxconn institutionally abused its workers for some unknown reason. The solution to their suicide “problem” — probably considered nothing more than a public relations crisis — was to install netting to catch the jumpers before hitting the ground below. Great fix, huh? No need to attack the root cause — the Foxconn policy and practice. Better to simply minimize the deaths by suicide with “safety” nets. Stupid (or as Trump would say “Sad!).  (more...)


Ever wonder about Richard Nixon's thing for the Chinese?

Jerry Meldon Retrospective: Kohl's Defeat & Hitler's Ghost

Adolf Hitler's long shadow extended over many of West Germany's post-war political leaders, especially after the Cold War brought a premature end to the de-nazification program. In the name of economic and political stability, the Allies struck deals with many of Hitler's supposedly less despicable accomplices, deals that shaped the Kohl era.

Kohl himself was not implicated in the crimes of World War II. He counted himself lucky to have been under military age -- 15 years old -- when the war ended. Like many young Germans, he belonged to the Hitler Youth. But he shoulders no personal guilt from the war.

The same is not true for many of Kohl’s financial backers. Kohl was one of the Christian Democrats who benefitted from secret ties to former Nazi industrialists, the same men who assisted Hitler's rise to power in the 1920s and '30s.

Indeed, if the West had not relented on its German de-nazification program, Kohl might never have climbed to the pinnacle of national leadership, let alone come to dominate German politics for the past 16 years.

Through his career -- and his hushed connections to Hitler's old allies -- Kohl personified an ambivalent political class which, on one level, denounced the atrocities of the Holocaust while, on another, protected some of the business executives who benefitted from Jewish slave labor.  (more...)

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"This is messy, dark, ugly.": Gods and Monsters

In high school, if you’re lucky, you encounter one exceptional teacher. He makes you care about what he cares about, whether it’s the French Revolution, or the periodic table, or the three-point shot. If you’re really lucky, that teacher becomes your mentor and ushers you into adulthood. Your enthusiasm bleeds into your other studies, into your friendships. You astonish everyone, including your parents, by performing unexpectedly well. His lessons stay with you for the rest of your life. For me, and for hundreds like me, that teacher was Graham Wishart, the head of the music department at Oakwood Collegiate Institute.

Of all the concerts I played under his baton, one stands out. Not because it was our best concert, but because it was a great moment for Wishart and therefore a great moment for me. It was in 1990, my Grade 10 year, and we were in a tiny New Brunswick fishing village on Deer Island—the kind of place where men serve as volunteer firefighters and women make tuna casseroles with cornflakes on top. The community centre where we were scheduled to perform had no stage, so we set up in a corner of its basketball court. Wishart was in his 40s then and a dashing figure. Tall, thin, prematurely grey, he had preposterously bushy eyebrows that would have looked cartoonish on anyone else. He was the only man in the room wearing a suit. From my seat in the cello section, I watched him walk to the front of the ensemble with long, confident strides. He raised his arms, suspended them in the air and waited, catching the eyes of a few key musicians. The bleachers were packed with what seemed like the entire town. There was total silence. Then, despite the wretched acoustics, the gym filled with exuberant Mendelssohn. Wishart danced, and we followed, attentive to every breath, every tilt of his head, every lunge of his body. We may not have sounded like the New York Philharmonic, but that’s how we felt. Professional. Together. Exhilarated. Graham Wishart and his posse of downtown Toronto teens had transformed the Deer Island community centre into Carnegie Hall. I had no idea at the time that the man who inspired us to play like that, our favourite teacher, was a methodical child molester.  (more...)

Monday, July 31, 2017

English Translation of Udo Ulfkotte’s “Bought Journalists” Suppressed?

The English translation of German journalist Udo Ulfkotte’s best-selling book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalists) appears to have been suppressed throughout North America and Europe.  On May 15, 2017 Next Revelation Press, an imprint of US-Canadian-based publisher Tayen Lane, released the English version of Bought Journalists, under the title, Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News.

Tayen Lane has since removed any reference to the title from its website. Correspondingly indicates the title is “currently unavailable,” with opportunities to purchase from independent sellers offering used copies for no less than $1309.09. The book’s subject matter and unexplained disappearance from the marketplace suggest how powerful forces are seeking to prevent its circulation.

Gekaufte Journalisten was almost completely ignored by mainstream German news media following its release in 2014. “No German mainstream journalist is allowed to report about [my] book,” Ulfkotte observed. “Otherwise he or she will be sacked. So we have a bestseller now that no German journalist is allowed to write or talk about.”  (more...)


You think Rupert Murdoch's minions are any different?

Oy Canada! Haven for War Criminals

Only time will tell whether the good news this past week that the Canadian citizenship of Einsatzgruppe D member Helmut Oberlander was again (for the fourth time!) revoked will mark the beginning of a satisfactory conclusion to this very frustrating and infuriating episode in the annals of attempts to bring Nazi war criminals to justice.

In certain respects, the Oberlander case is a symbol of the relative futility of Canadian efforts to take legal action against Nazi perpetrators and collaborators who were admitted to Canada during the decade following the end of World War II. To be fair, Canada was not the only country forced to face this issue. In fact, practically all the major Anglo-Saxon countries which fought against the Axis forces during the war made the same mistake of admitting Nazi war criminals afterwards.

In some cases, like in the United States, about 150 of these individuals were actually sought out for their unique expertise, like the Nazi rocket scientists and engineers who worked on the V-2 rockets and other similar projects. At least several dozen others, natives of countries which had come under Communist rule, were chosen for espionage tasks behind the Iron Curtain or as potential CIA agents.

Most of the Nazis’ helpers admitted to the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, however, most of whom were from Eastern Europe, simply posed as innocent refugees fleeing Communism. At this point in time, it was easier to hide their role in the Holocaust, since the common perception in the West was that most of the victims of the Shoa had been murdered in death camps like Auschwitz or concentration camps like Dachau, Mauthausen, Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen, all of which had been run by Germans and Austrians and liberated by Allied troops.

It was only in the late Sixties and early Seventies that reports began to surface that there were numerous Nazi collaborators among the refugees admitted to Anglo-Saxon democracies in the immediate aftermath of World War II.  (more...)


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Forgotten Bolsheviks: The Warning Signs of Fascism on Campus

Paul Fromm, Canada’s most prominent white supremacist
Over the past several years, Toronto has seen a rise in far right organizing—most notably the Soldiers of Odin, PEGIDA, and the Proud Boys. Likewise, university and college campuses have also been experiencing a rise in right-wing politics.

Students in Support of Free Speech (founded at the University of Toronto) has been in the media due to their committed support of Jordan Peterson, professor, high-rolling Patreon fundraiser, and opponent of protections for trans people. This support, and their regular work with the Proud Boys, Rebel Media, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, et al., has cast this burgeoning student group as the training ground for the future far right in the eyes of many.

However, SSFS in the past week has been consumed with responding to a controversy surrounding notable neo-Nazi, Paul Fromm.

Fresh off of a spate of media attention from the white nationalist memorial for lawyer Barbara Kulazska at the Richview Library in Toronto, Fromm spoke at a SSFS rally for the so-called “Halifax Five” (five disgraced military members who, as members of the Proud Boys, decided to disrupt an Indigenous ceremony in Halifax on Canada Day). SSFS members now claim that Fromm should never have been allowed to speak at their event (or, at least use their megaphone), while supporters of Fromm’s attack them online over their false claims of misrepresentation   (more...)

Campus ideologues have conveniently forgotten that the Nazis emerged from the National Bolsheviks. These were far more common in my college milleau than the hyperventilation-inducing Red Stalinists. And, they still manage to garner some press:

Canada's ratline remains well-disguised, and well-travelled.