Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Confessions Of A Panama Papers Hit Man

As an Economic Hit Man (EHM) in the 1970s I spent a great deal of time in Panama. I hate to admit it, but I helped forge the system that has now been exposed in the Panama Papers. It is a system of legalized crimes. How else can we describe it?

This EHM system has created a global economy where 62 individuals have as much wealth as half the world’s population, big corporations enjoy the airports and highways, fire and police departments, school systems, and other infrastructure of countries like the United States without paying for them and where governments are controlled by a handful of extremely wealthy individuals. The hard-earned tax dollars of the average US citizen finances the infrastructure and social services that benefit the very rich and their corporations while they shelter their incomes in tax havens.

Although the tax sheltering schemes disclosed in the Panama Papers were developed in the 1970s – during my time as an EHM in that country – the foundations of the system go back more than a century.  (more...)


Canada's complicity:

Canadian Forces probes spate of deaths at Royal Military College

MONTREAL—The Royal Military College of Canada is investigating the sudden deaths over the last four months of four students who attended the prestigious school last year.

Two officer cadets, aged 20 and 22, died within days of each other on the school’s Kingston, Ont., campus. The deaths occurred in April and May.

Then in June, RMC graduate, Sub-Lt. Eric Leclerc, 39, took his own life at CFB Borden, near Barrie, Ont., where he was on a training course five months after finishing his RMC studies.

The most recent death occurred this month in Saint John, N.B., and involved a 19-year-old officer cadet who was being medically released from the military.

Officials did not comment on the possible causes of death for any of the men.  (more...)

A dark legacy:

Monday, August 29, 2016

US war on Catholicism and "Conservatism"


Horrific abuse scandal in town dubbed 'child sex capital of Britain'

The street pastors and police outside Club Industry in the Oakengates area of Telford
Police are under fire over a “ Rotherham style ” abuse scandal in a town dubbed the child sex capital of Britain.

Officers are accused of taking too long to probe allegations contained in files stretching to 150 pages.

It is claimed reports of grooming in Telford, Shrops, were logged incorrectly and not taken seriously enough despite an earlier probe that led to seven men being jailed in 2012.

Today, one victim who was hawked among paedophiles and forced to sleep with a string of men, said: “The police have betrayed the children of this town for a second time.

“I dread to think how many victims there have been over the years – it wouldn’t surprise me if the offending was on the same scale as Rotherham.”  (more...)

Another story of police ineffectuality:

"Isn't it rather distasteful?"

If I were to imagine the voice of a rather sensible relative, or just a concerned bystander, addressing me on the subject of abortion, the words I hear them using go something like the following: "Why on earth get yourself mixed up in/wade into a matter like this?" (Aside) "And isn't it rather distasteful?"

Well, I don't think my well-meaning voice has it far wrong. I can't be altogether wise to join this debate (on the side I've chosen, anyhow) and, no, it's never going to be the stuff of polite conversation. But just why is it that this question generates so much heat in politics, in the media and around the dinner table? Not just, I think, because it belongs somehow to the category of "bedroom and bathroom" subjects that nice people don't broach too freely. Much more than that, it seems to be a highly reactionary position, one that, probably without a precedent, would seek to take back a "right", specifically a woman's right, that was conferred by Parliament in 1967 in the Abortion Act. What could be more illiberal in our culture than that? No wonder there is fury and resistance.

Three generations have had a legal option they didn't have before, and here comes a jumped-up minority that has the gall to say we should "turn back the clock". That's how bad it looks. You'd have to have a superlative reason to do it. That, of course, is just what we insufferable pro-lifers say we have.  (more...)

A raised eyebrow or two:

A royal conversation-stopper

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ontario College of Teachers Hearings -- September 2016

Three-member panels of the Discipline Committee conduct public hearings into cases of alleged incompetence or professional misconduct... Discipline Committee panels have ordered that summaries of these recent disciplinary cases be published in Professionally Speaking. Copies of the full decisions are available at oct.ca/members/complaints-and-discipline/decisions.

A Discipline Committee panel revoked the teaching certificate of Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board teacher Joseph Anthony Graziano who was criminally convicted of sexual offences against a student... Based on evidence in court documents, Graziano began grooming a student by assisting him on an exam in January 2011. He then told the student “you owe me” insinuating a sexual favour in exchange for the help provided. On February 9, 2011, Graziano brought the student into his classroom under the guise of discussing the exam and engaged the student in a conversation of a sexual nature. He blocked the door to prevent the student from leaving and then touched the student’s penis over his clothes. Graziano was found guilty of sexual interference and sexual assault in May 2013 and sentenced to six months in jail and two years of probation.

A Discipline Committee panel revoked the certificate of Brian David Pennycook, a former Thames Valley District School Board secondary teacher, for engaging in a sexual relationship with a female student at his school... Pennycook was involved in a sexual relationship with the student in the 1986–87 school year. He resigned from the school board in March 1987. Pennycook and the student later married and divorced.

A Discipline Committee panel revoked the Certificate of Qualification and Registration of a former teacher at the Halton District School Board for engaging in continuous sexual abuse of a student... The panel heard that in May 2005, following the member’s six months of communication with the student, she began to see him on a personal level. In the spring of 2007, they started to engage in sexual intercourse. They continued to have sexual intercourse many times over the next three years. In July 2014, she was found guilty of a criminal charge related to her actions with the student. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail to be served intermittently and three years probation. The court ordered a publication ban to restrict publication of information that could identify a complainant, a witness and the accused.

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Students at German school dress up in Nazi outfits and Hitler moustaches to attack Jewish pupils

Children from a German school in Buenos Aires wearing swastika armbands and fake Hitler moustaches attacked Jewish pupils in a resort where several Nazi war criminals lived after the Second World War, including Dr. Josef Mengele, Auschwitz’s “Angel of Death.”

The incident drew swift condemnation of the pupils and the parents accompanying them during the school’s end-of-course trip to San Carlos de Bariloche, in the Andes.

The town became a haven for Nazis fleeing Europe after the war. They were welcomed by the Peronist regime.

According to witnesses, pupils from the Lanus German School arrived at a party in a nightclub dressed as Nazis.

“Some of them were in leathers with swastikas painted on their chests and backs,” Dan, one of the students from a Jewish school who was attacked, told Argentina’s TN television channel.  (more...)