Thursday, February 22, 2018

Former kids’ baseball coach faces more sexual abuse charges

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A former baseball coach accused of sexually abusing children now faces new charges, Toronto police said Thursday.

Robert Humphrey, 51, had access to children through coaching and working at hockey rinks in Toronto, police said. The allegations of abuse span from 1993 to 2017.

Humphrey was first arrested by Durham police on Jan. 5. Investigators alleged he befriended a minor and sexually assaulted them several times between 2013 and 2017.

Some of the alleged abuse involved a second minor. Investigators said Humphrey threatened to release photos of the victims if they went to police.

Durham police charged him with three counts of sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference, two counts of possession of child pornography, two counts of making child pornography and two counts of extortion.

Humphrey was arrested a second time Jan. 19, this time by Toronto police.

Days after Durham police announced the charges, a 33-year-old woman told Toronto police she’d been sexually assaulted repeatedly between 1994 and 1996, when she was roughly 9. Days later, police arrested Humphrey and charged him with sexual assault and sexual interference.

Toronto police arrested the former coach again Wednesday evening after a new alleged victim came forward. The victim, a 35-year-old man, alleged he was sexually assaulted several times between 1993 and 2001.

Humphrey is now charged with another two counts of sexual assault, a count of sexual exploitation and two counts of uttering threats.  (more...)

Is Trudeau ‘hobnobbing’ with terrorists? Why India doesn’t trust Canada all that much

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It’s pretty clear by now that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not having the most productive time in India. His itinerary is unusually light and, according to Indian media, high profile politicians seem to be actively avoiding him.

And that was before Sophie Gregoire Trudeau posed with a Surrey businessman, Jaspal Atwal, convicted in a 1986 terrorist shooting in B.C. during the family’s trip to India.

It’s nothing new that Canada and India aren’t on good terms. Below, a brief summary of all the other signs of our strained relationship with the world’s largest democracy.

It’s never a great sign when a visiting foreign leader feels the need to state that he thinks the potentially violent breakup of their country is a bad thing. “We support one united India,” Trudeau said in Mumbai this week. He had to say this due to Canada’s long reputation as a home for a diaspora of Sikh fundamentalists who seek to carve an independent Sikh homeland, Khalistan, out of India.  (more...)



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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ontario government lawyers being terrorized by ‘bully’ bosses, secret report reveals

Ontario’s Liberal government has kept secret an explosive report that paints some of its most senior bureaucrats — male and female — as bullies who have harassed and discriminated against hundreds of provincial lawyers and administrative assistants for years.

The workplace for 600 government lawyers and several hundred administrative staff at the Ministry of the Attorney General is described as a “toxic” cesspool where fear and retribution rule the day, ironically at an Ontario agency branded with the logo “Better Justice Together.”

One high-ranking government boss is described by a complainant in the report as “a classic bully drunk on her own power.” Crown lawyers working under another executive said he created “an extremely unhealthy and intolerable environment.”

“Many employees work in an atmosphere of constant fear of retribution and a culture of silence prevails,” said report author Leslie Macleod, a lawyer and former senior Ontario bureaucrat. The report was concluded in the summer of 2017.  (more...)

Funny how this came out just as the opposition lost its mind. Convenient, yes? Watch it go down the memory hole.

How the Media Works with the CIA & NSA to Intercept & Censor Whistleblowers Exposed!

Newsbud Founder and Editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb to discuss Webb’s recent three-part investigative report exposing billionaire founder of The Intercept- Pierre Omidyar. Webb delves deep into Omidyar’s long-ongoing multi-billion dollar partnership with government agencies, including the CIA and NSA, questionable coincidences and ties between Omidyar-Snowden, Glenn Greenwald’s hushed contract and arrangements with Omidyar to privatize Snowden’s 500+K page leak, Freedom of Press Foundation’s betrayal of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, and much more. Do not miss this explosive interview exposing the new trend in intercepting and neutralizing whistleblowers and their information.

In depth:

media manipulation puppet masters cia nsa heresy corruption bias omerta gatekeepers

Catholics, if the CIA/NSA can appropriate The Intercept to engineer modified limited hangouts for their Wall Street masters, why would they leave Rebel Media, LifeSiteNews, or EWTN untouched? How could popular "alt" media evade the net of pervasive media manipulation? The answer is, they don't. You will see George Weigel and Stephen Covey promoted as authentic spiritual guides. You will see the Catholic clergy slammed while equal scandal in the Cathevangelic sphere is passed over silently. In short, you will see the CIA's Doctrinal Warfare program chugging merrily along. You will see the Catholic Church used as a proxy for a new Cold War. The Globalists are just that... global. They will find you no matter where you think you've found safety. Canadian media, in particular, are wholly owned by the Tavistock Institute and the Frankfurt School. Guard your eyes and your ears.

media manipulation puppet masters cia nsa heresy corruption bias omerta gatekeepers

British woman whose Nigerian father was killed by an IRA bomb has been driven from her Northern Ireland home by racists

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The daughter of a man killed in an IRA bombing has told how she was later forced from Northern Ireland by racism.

Jayne Olorunda is the daughter of Nigerian-born Max Olorunda, who was killed by an IRA incendiary bomb which detonated aboard a train in Dunmurry in 1980.

She grew up in Belfast but recently moved to England due to racism in Northern Ireland.

As well as coping with the death of her father, Ms Olorunda and her family have been subject to racism, with 'stares and taunts' commonplace while she was growing up.

The 39-year-old, who was just two when her father was killed, has now told how she was confronted by a group of men. 

After launching a new book about her experiences in Northern Ireland, she said: 'Racism has been a huge factor in my life and even occurred towards my parents before I was born.

'My mum Gabrielle told me about an incident which happened when she was carrying my sister and was told 'how dare you bring another black b*****d into the world'.

'As I grew up I got sick of being told "go back home" and being asked "where were you from before here" - people just wouldn't believe I was born in Northern Ireland.

'Racism has always been an issue in my life, after all we are a mixed race family and don't always blend in. Growing up we became used to stares and taunts, but that was all we had.'  (more...)

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Chinese Nazis? Anti-immigration groups at Parliament Hill protest demand apology from Trudeau

Hundreds of Asian-Canadian protesters, supported by several white, far-right, anti-immigrant groups stormed Parliament Hill on Sunday afternoon to demand an apology from the prime minister.

According to plans for the protest on, members of the Asian-Canadian community feel victimized by a Toronto girl’s false claim in January that an Asian man cut off her hijab and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s apparent rush to view the fictitious incident as a hate crime.

“As the real victim of the hijab hoax, our Asian community was completely ignored by PM Trudeau,” reads a statement on the website.

The group, an unlikely ally for the far right, was met with counter protesters from anti-fascist and anti-racist groups, many of whom covered their faces as they protested.

A man who identified himself as “Yuanyuan” said, “There are some out-of-town conservative Chinese racists and they are collaborating basically with some white nationalist groups here in Canada. As a Chinese Canadian, I’m pretty ashamed about that. That’s why I’m here.”  (more...)

Something doesn't smell quite right about hundreds of Chinese-Canadians getting this riled up about a school-girl's prank. It's even weirder to see them standing shoulder-to-shoulder with neo-Nazis. This CANNOT possibly be a representative cross-section of the Chinese immigrant community. Where might this astro-turf have been manufactured?

Chiang-Kai Shek's army was trained and equipped by Nazi Germany
Look into the roots of the John Birch Society.

Inebriated Bircher

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Conservative Ship of Tools

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The unstoppable zombie

totalitarianism politics fascism crime nazi corruption
The Lolita for Life
totalitarianism politics fascism crime nazi corruption
The crack dealer
totalitarianism politics fascism crime nazi corruption
The other zombie
totalitarianism politics fascism crime nazi corruption
The Princess
Champagne Siphon Fiction has been pushing all your buttons, and you want to fall for the big-eyed waif, but wait... These political lobbyists aren't the crew that Fr. de Valk founded. They've spawned a jack-booted parade of Nazi mind-slaves with brainwashing techniques refined since Josef Goebbels' crack at world dominion. The present conservative anarchy echoes the conditions that brought Adolph Hitler to power. Time to slap the power cut-off, turn off the money spigot, and rip the madmen away from the steering wheel. You owe it to the kids. They're the ones who will have to live through this wreck.